Tylo (CMC) Powder


50g pot of Tylo Powder.

Use to make edible glue or to firm up your sugar paste!

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Make edible glue quickly and easily!

Simply add 1 part tylo powder to 30 parts water (a scoop of powder on the end of a teaspoon handle into one of our glass bottle with brush then fill with water).

Shake and leave for 2 hours.

Always make fresh for cakes that are going to be eaten.

One pot of tylo will make approximately 200 bottles of glue!

Can also be used when not using Karen Davies Sugarpaste.

Our sugar paste has been designed to work perfectly with our moulds. It is firmer than other pastes and yet is still beautifully pliable.

However, if you prefer to use another brand then you can knead small amounts of tylo powder into your paste to make it firmer.

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