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About Karen Davies Sugarcraft

Here at Karen Davies Sugarcraft, we design and manufacture high quality silicone moulds with the belief that anyone can create beautiful cakes, bakes and chocolates. It’s such a rewarding feeling to bake something wonderful and to step back and be able to say ‘wow, I did that’. We want to be able to give that feeling to everyone no matter what their experience or skill set is. With our moulds you can achieve perfect and professional outcomes quickly and easily with no stress, keeping cake decorating and baking an enjoyable hobby. We also sell our own brand of Sugarpaste which has been designed to work perfectly with our moulds - giving you the best possible outcome. Our customers also have access to free instructional videos which allow them to work with confidence alongside a guide.

Meet The Team

The team is led by Karen Davies, a highly respected UK cake designer, author and qualified teacher who has a world-wide reputation for her distinctive style. Karen has over 25 years experience at the forefront of the UK sugarcraft industry and leads the way in innovative designs and simple and easy techniques. All of our moulds are hand made by Karen & and her daughter Alice - giving you unique and versatile designs for all your cake decorating needs. We have been designing and manufacturing silicone moulds for cake decorating for just over ten years.

Karen Davies Sugarcraft

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