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Introducing our Dogs Silicone Mould – a charming and versatile tool designed to bring the adorable world of dogs to your baking adventures. Crafted from high-quality food-grade silicone, this mould allows you to effortlessly create detailed and cute dog-shaped treats.

This cute mould gives you FIVE different breeds of dogs to work with!

Poodle, Shihtzu, Labrador, Spaniel and Pug. All of the dogs can be adapted depending on how you colour them.

Why not turn the Labrador into a Dalmation? Or why not snip his fur using tweezer scissors to make him into a Golden Retriever?

They make a gorgeous border and are also the perfect size for cupcakes!

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🍪 Premium Quality Silicone: Crafted from food-grade silicone, our mould is safe for use with various materials, including fondant, chocolate, gum paste, and more. The silicone’s flexibility and non-stick surface ensure easy release, allowing you to achieve intricate details with precision.

🎨Versatility: Whether you’re a dog lover, a baking enthusiast, or someone who appreciates creative and cute designs, this silicone mould is perfect for making dog-shaped treats. Use it for pet-themed events, dog birthdays, or any gathering where a touch of canine cuteness is desired.

🍰 Various Dog Designs: The mould features a variety of dog shapes, capturing the charm and diversity of different dog breeds. Each design adds a delightful touch to your cookies, chocolates, or other treats.

🧼 Easy to Clean: The non-stick surface makes demolding a breeze, and the flexibility of the silicone allows for easy removal without compromising the fine details. Cleaning is simple – wash the mould with mild soap and warm water, or place it in the dishwasher for added convenience.

🎁DIY Decorating: Add personality to your dog-shaped treats by using different icing colors, edible paints, or decorations to mimic the appearance of specific dog breeds. Customize your creations to match your favorite pups or create a variety of canine characters.

All of our original design moulds are made by hand in the UK and independently tested to assure compliance to the highest food standards.

Our moulds can be used with Sugarpaste, Rolled Buttercream, Flower paste, Marzipan, Modelling paste, Chocolate, Candy, Boiled Sugar, Saltdough, Air Drying Clays, Cold Porcelain and Embossing Powder.

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